We Are the World: A group show curated by Liliana Lewicka

Works by Ninna Berger, Caitlin Denny, John Henderson, Parker Ito, Zachary Kaplan, Anne Guro Larsmon, Matt Momchilov, Justin Olerud, Job Piston, Melissa Sachs, Bailey Salisbury, and Justin Swinburne

Roots and Culture present a group show “We are the World,” showcasing work by 12 emerging, international artists. Curated by artist and California College of the Arts graduate, Liliana Lewicka, the exhibition features work in a wide range of media including illustration, new media, painting, photography, sculpture, textile, and video. Prompted by the 1985 music project “We Are the World,” co-written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, and recorded by nearly 50 of the biggest names in music in an effort to raise money and awareness of the famine crisis in Africa, this current show asks artists born in the 1980s to reimagine on the original project. Conceived as both a critique of the ineffectiveness of the original program and an embrace of its cultural significance, the show reflects on the ways in which we can make and think art in the midst of crisis.