Video-Drums: Work by Thorne Brandt

Thorne Brandt will be exhibiting his latest animation-technology experiment that involves an interactive live narrative animation that is triggered by the rhythm and velocity of an acoustic drumset. Thorne creates hand-drawn animations and manipulates them with code in an attempt to produce a sensory overload that induces a sublime synesthetic state for the viewer. Thorne will be performing a set of new audio/visual compositions, as well as inviting the audience to play with the instrument, then providing instructional demos for how to create triggered animation.


Thorne Brandt is a Chicago-based multi-disciplinary new-media artist who has exhibited internationally, including venues such as Berlin, Art Basel, the Contemporary Art Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Thorne received his B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute in 2007 with an emphasis in New Media. Brandt’s work is centered around the study of (homo lumens), the metaphysical act of ‘PLAY’/free-will, and the celestial process of sculpting a microcosm, or the construction rules to create a game. Past projects include an online social network for an infinite exquisite corpse: (, an underground fluxus league of an emergent midnight dodgeball game, and a competition that turned art critiques into competitive, high risk elimination round. An animator/developer by trade, Thorne has created animations for The Onion, Sears, and PBS.