NAH POP NO STYLE curated by Michael Thibault & Hugh Zeigler

Featuring new works from young artists from Baltimore and Providence

NAH POP NO STYLE brings together some of the best and brightest painters in Baltimore and Providence to celebrate stridently individualistic artists and the similar cities/communities that engendered them.
Baltimore and Providence offer a unique position between the portal to the global art world and a distinctly American urban condition. It is no coincidence that Baltimore and Providence are equidistant from New York. Despite a cultured diffidence not uncommon to artists in the two tertiary cities, the influence of museums and galleries that are only a train stop away cannot be discounted. But specific to the cities: both have undergone serious economic depression in the post-industrial era. An art market can hardly thrive, and yet the abundance and affordability of spaces has enabled a proliferation of artist communities independent of institutions. The best results from these circumstances are vibrant and subversive anomalies, and yet they are not beyond the pail of art discourse. Perhaps the current economic straits will find the ethos of Baltimore and Providence’s art scenes spreading to New York.

Chicago’s stalwart local art community is product of conditions congruous to those of Baltimore and Providence. As such, it seems fitting that the largest “fly-over” city should host the yet unheralded painters of NAH POP NO STYLE.

NAH POP NO STYLE highlights audacious examples within the category of painting from Baltimore and Providence, featuring artworks by Lucy Campana, Chris Day, Alex Griffith, Andrew Goett, Thomas Harrington, Annabeth Marks, Clay Schiff, Quinn Taylor, Chloe Wessner, Kandis Williams and Blade Wynne.