Kate Ruggeri & Hannah Tarr

Kate Ruggeri sees painting as something to be explored, dissected, and then built again. Her work is a result of a frustration with painting’s limitations and a curiosity with where she can take the medium. In the studio, she tries to expand painting in ways that push against its traditions while also embracing her love for its qualities of color, mark, and form.

Hannah Tarr’s new her work consists of playful portraiture, sad clowns and images that echo the human spirit. Color, symbol, collage, and texture are all important elements in her work.


Kate Ruggeri (b.1988) is an artist, DJ, and curator currently based in New Haven, CT. Kate has shown at various galleries including Ebersmoore (Chicago), Green Gallery East (Milwaukee), Western Exhibitions (Chicago), and Important Projects (Oakland). In 2013, Kate was an artist-in-residence at Ox-Bow School of Art on a Joan Mitchell Scholarship. Kate received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010 and is currently pursuing her MFA in painting at the Yale School of Art.

Hannah Tarr is an artist living and working in Atlanta Georgia. She received her BA in painting from the Rhode Island school of design in 2011 and has been living across the US in the years before settling in Georgia where she is a set painter for film and television.