It Never Really Lands: Work by Michael Lopez and Roni Packer, curated by Elizabeth Lalley

With Teak Ramos "On My Way To Work" and Sam Chao "to be nice to someone is not to bother them" in the Milwaukee Ave. Window Gallery

In their first collaboration together, artists Michael Lopez and Roni Packer disrupt the rhythms of their respective practices as they engage color, form, and texture in new material configurations within the gallery. Composed on-site, the loose arrangements of Packer’s canvases and Lopez’s sculptural pieces embrace an unsteadiness, as though alert to the possibility of being rearranged, broken apart, and reassembled—like a rich conversation that continually expands and refuses to settle. Together, Lopez and Packer abandon the urge to bind their materials tightly to each other, instead favoring the collaborative process and the ongoing exploration of what it means to make work, while understanding how one’s work exists alongside another’s. If their works ask to be rooted or situated in a particular way, Lopez and Packer never let their materials get too comfortable, embracing movement and the productive uncertainty of their making processes. Through formal gestures both playful and studied, the resulting collaboration is not really a result. Instead, the material conversation between the two artists exists as an experiment in motion, propelled by the tensions between disparate materials, surface and form, and shifting composition.