Hand of Mouth: Erin Washington and Ron Ewert

With Michael Kloss "Le Sigh" in the Milwaukee Ave. Window Gallery


word of mouth

hand of mouth

hand of word to mouth

Mouth is a very strange word.

hand to mouth

hand to word of mouth

The statue of the bearded hand mouth creature speaks to me

(language slips, Although instant comes books write.)

mouth of handspoken hand/speaking of hands

speaking palmspeaking of mouthsThe Bicycle Scene from “Pollock”

Been There, facing the wall

Canada, father engineer poor. Relevant remember gods sake prosecute live, wife

Jeffrey Tambor as Clement Greenberg

the Power of referential History, (a rich holder of meaning)

hand in mouth


For their exhibition and Roots and Culture, Erin Washington and Ron Ewert will present new paintings and sculptures in relation to a site specific architectural intervention.  This exhibition continues the two artist’s similar explorations of lateral thinking and image sourcing as it pertains to the tangibility of language and meaning in unstable contexts.