Frozen Smoke: Work by Sabine Gruffat and Vanesa Zendejas

Sabine Gruffat will present an interactive video piece on stacked TVs that the audience can control via different types of game controllers. These videos employ feedback- generated images and sound by patching analog electronic components to digital technology resulting in a sensory effect of psychedelic high-pitched color and pattern with a mesmerizing audio component.

“I find myself occupied by the specific methods and qualities inherent in making work implicating computer processes… the ability to combine real life data into bytes of programmable video, audio, and text objects… Using these tools the digital data is seamlessly integrated and communicated into the physical and material “real” world in realtime. This has compelled me to work within a set of procedures involving technological feedback, immersive installation, the awkwardness of live performance, the digital repetitive clockwork of computer programming, and the unpredictable and irreproducible quirks of analog technology.”

Vanesa Zendejas will exhibit a suite of new paintings and drawings that “collect and redistribute patterns and textures”. Utilizing a range of media in ink, paint, collaged elements such as wallpaper, and even relief elements such as piper cleaners, her work combines patterning to create an illusionary space at times serene and at others discordant.

“The relationships between these elements present more ways of seeing than what we most commonly encounter…As my sources continue to spread I am able to develop a richer visual language, full of references to several different approaches to the picture plane. These sources include both early eastern and western imagery such as Pre-Columbian and Gothic, craft oriented ephemera, Modernism, cartography, geometry, and of course contemporary work”