Fever Dream

With Jacob Goudreault, Angel Otero, Max Reinhardt, Simon Slater,and special guest Easton Miller

The premise of this exhibit is to address painting as an increasingly abstract notion, and to consider its’ inherent sculptural and object based possibilities. The way has been clearly cut to broach the topic of ‘subject as object’ with respect to painting, to lure out the infinite possibilities paint and its’ associated materials has when piled up, cut and woven, collaged, wrapped around a form, chewed up and licked onto whatever, etc, etc. Clearly there is nothing new about apparently non-traditional uses of paint, but what every new generation must face is how to ask these materials, new and old, to perform in an intelligent and prescient fashion, that may bow to the rectilinear plane or demand a new format entirely. Werner Herzog offers that raw creativity may come from a fever, perhaps a scorching moment of insightful apoplexy or a sustained burn state of dreaming from which the uncanny emerges.