Eseosa Edebiri: Simulated Rainbow & Kimberly Montiel: Veins Darken With Nectar

Opening Friday, May 20th 5–9pm

Simulated Rainbow

I continue to push my use of interior space as a surface as I create rugs that range from figurative to text to displays of beings radiating energy. With this latest installation, I wanted to transform an entire room, evoking a sense of home – a microcosm reflecting a space that only I could create. I’m taking up space that many of us weren’t allotted to create one of yearning and comfort with layers of fantasy.

Veins Darken With Nectar

What is inner, raw and wild, is made material, colorful, condensed and focused. Senses float on blood to the heart, transmuted to images and intercepted on materials of the earth, selectively revealed. Fascination is a force which, emanating from the spirit of the fascinator, enters the eyes of the fascinated person and penetrates their heart. Solitary Beings nestled in hollows of charged scenery amidst ineffable symbols: floral-vegetal-biological-mineral-synthetic efflorescence.

Eseosa Edebiri is an interdisciplinary artist from The Bay Area, based in Chicago where she received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute. Her work reflects an interest in autonomy and thoughts on intergenerational trauma while having a slight cheeky playfulness to it. She has a very tactile side to her practice exploring touch and accessibility, aiming to create worlds and build settings as well.


Kimberly Montiel is an emerging artist from Chicago, IL, using painting as her language. She has a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.