Earth, My Likeness: Dove Drury Hornbuckle

Opening Friday, September 11th 3–9pm

Earth, My Likeness, A Solo Presentation by Dove Drury Hornbuckle

Our bodies offer us such precise wisdom when we listen to its calls for help, as well as its yearning for desires and pleasures. I wish to be home within my bodies’ expressions, knowing her more deeply, more gently, and with more respect and love. I wish to internalize and share these feelings of abundance and generosity, and with them be of service to others.

As an artist I offer this exhibition as a space for somatic communication, bridging a network between us that is robust and bodily. The pandemic has positioned touching each other as sterilized, fear-based, and performed clinically, semi-precise and with calculated risk. Depending upon your specific axis of privilege, was public touch ever safe?

Right now we are witnessing and intentionally or unconsciously participating within movements of lateral and radical solidarity amongst peoples globally.

We must participate within political communities and actions against oligarchical fascism and white supremacy. Writing as a white person with multitudes of privilege, it is essential and critical that I remain vigilant of my whiteness. My intention is to work with the tools and methodologies of anti-racism in order to deconstruct my learned racism, and to uphold and support Black peoples across the spectrum of their experiences, especially Black Trans Women.

The work within this exhibition is created primarily with a direct and rhythmic mark making. My touch has morphed clay and is cast into concrete. These somatic practices encourage my holistic sense of health and well being, enabling a greater sense of presence and intentionality within my life.

In this moment we must support one another with multilateral aspects of care, so that we may become greater agents for societal and political change and solidarity.

Dove Drury Hornbuckle, b.1989, is an interdisciplinary artist who believes the fundamental role of art is to activate profound transformations of self, communities and qualities of life. They received their MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018 and they currently work as the Ceramics Studio Manager at the Ox-Bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency. They have exhibited their artwork nationally and internationally over the past decade, with fellowships awarded from the Ox-Bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency and the Vermont Studio Center. Hornbuckle’s jewelry designs have been featured in American Vogue and Spanish Architectural Digest, amongst others. Hornbuckle is currently located between Saugatuck, MI and Chicago, IL.

Watch Dove give a tour of the show here: