Dear Resonance and the Memory Hole: Work by Bradley Biancardi and Zoe Nelson

Bradley will be exhibiting works on canvas, paper, and piano. He sees these works as characters within a personal mythology, created from his experiences and memories. These works speak of his continuing interest in the area between figuration and abstraction, and the area between his music-making and visual art-making practices. Collaboration can be a magical variable of music making, and for this reason he is excited for his work to be in conversation with the work of Zoe Nelson.

Menacing on the one hand and alluring on the other, Zoe Nelson’s paintings straddle a thin line between violence and passion. The players are the razor, the frame, gesture, and paint. The razor slices and obliterates, leaving the canvas and painted surfaces fragmented and disjointed. It is in this way that Zoe’s paintings become vulnerable and exposed, hanging as markers of empty spaces and holes in memory. And yet, while violent/violated, her paintings find space to extend beyond the frame, with vibrant, colorful, and sensual pieces of canvas playfully coexisting with empty spaces. Transgressing boundaries of inside and outside, Zoe’s paintings occupy shifting states of incompleteness and becoming.

Excerpted from Interest List: sharpies, tape, adornment, figuration, ‘heart’, personification, sincerity, the struggle with ephemerality…