Jacob C. Hammes & Lisa Rybovich Crallé

Works by Jacob C. Hammes & Lisa Rybovich Crallé

Jacob C Hammes’ work is an exploration of the physical and psychological conditions relating to the experience of space and sensory perception, especially within contradictions of nature and artifice. Primarily using sculpture, digital media, and hypnosis, Hammes attempts to reveal the struggle to connect with our own animal identity and the ideologies used to understand it. Hammes’ new work for this exhibition features a wide range of images and objects that signal his interest in transforming materials and creating pseudo-poetic dualities between ideas. The positioning of these objects is an important way of making these relationships happen.

The ornate yet crudely made paper sculptures that comprise Lisa Rybovich Crallé’s new series, “In Play” function as a mock-museum encompassing pseudo-classical “statues” resting on pastel colored poster-board pedestals. The resulting environment is reminiscent of an amateur stage-set for a play that takes place at a demented simulacrum of a museum. This makeshift museum is littered with simplified papier maché tools of museological upkeep (broom, extension cord, cleaning supplies, etc.), creating a bizarre atmosphere of heightened artifice.