Care: a rehearsal for a performance curated by Risa Puleo, CONNECT Curator-in-residence

With Lauren Beck "A Wonderful Likeness" in the Milwaukee Ave. Window Gallery

Curated by Risa Puleo, CONNECT Curator-in-residence

Featuring work by: Valentina Desideri, Stuart Hordener, Carolyn Lieba Francois-Lazard, Jaimes Mayhew (with Macon Reed and Risa Puleo), Park McArthur, Lynne McCabe, Carmen Papalia, Harriet Sanderson, Sarah Sudhoff, and Constantina Zavitsanos

with documentation of performances by Yvonne Rainer and Steve Paxton/Stephen Petronio

Care, a rehearsal for a performance suggests a choreography of disability as a remedy for maneuvering through institutions that are disabling. The exhibition was inspired by Yvonne Rainer’s Convalescent Dance, a modification of Trio A performed in 1967 while Rainer was “convalescing” from surgery as a protest against the Vietnam War, and Steve Paxton’s Intravenous Lecture, made in 1970 in response to being censored by NYU. In this performative lecture, Paxton (and in 2012, Stephen Petronio) walked around a courtyard in front of NYU attached to an IV line, speaking institutional censorship. These two moments in Judson Dance Theatre’s history are relatively unconsidered and set the stage for a group of artists who are currently making work about mobility and institutional access.The exhibition expands definitions of mobility from physically navigating the world with a disability to include maneuvering through the bureaucracy of health care institutions and moving through social space. Curated by Risa Puleo, Roots & Culture’s first CONNECT curatorial resident, Puleo will live with the work over the course of its exhibition while she writes about an essay unpacking theses ideas.