Built According to an Arrangement of Domestic Functions Which Has Now Reached the Final Stage of an Old Concept

Sculpture by Mike Andrews and paintings by Kaylee Rae Wyant

Mike Andrews and Kaylee Rae Wyant’s joint exhibition coyly takes the guise of a domestic scene — furniture positioned appropriately, paintings hung like home decor — while its foundations of painterly abstraction and simplified design flaunt a certain modernist lineage. But this vision quickly unravels. Andrews’ Bauhaus-inspired shelves are encased in yarn, like a tailor-made sweater, and they prop up small, organic-feeling ceramic sculptures. Meanwhile Wyant’s layered paintings have been tenderly defaced; after carefully laying the groundwork, she wipes paint away or adds sudden shocks of color. Odd, intriguing tensions emerge here in the play of materials and the shift from rational production to looser, more sensual revisions.