Alberto Aguilar & Michelle Harris

Alberto Aguilar’s current practice merges his various roles in art and life in an attempt to capture fleeing moments, personal discoveries, and his interaction with others in tangible form. Through the expansion of his studio to include all aspects of his life his work becomes an act of fellowship which in visual form is both monumental and nostalgic.

While combining still moving videos and sounds inside sculptures, Michelle Harris’ work is a collection of object, image, sound, and text that concentrates on ideas of perception. The experience of viewing/hearing the work is like falling out of a dream. Or like in the midst of your daily commute when you can’t recall the last ten minutes of your journey and the lines between physical and imagined spaces begin to blur. In such moments, sound serves as catalyst for the mind to trail in/out of the present. Space blurs as private memories become collective ones. Distraction becomes a new form of focus as refection becomes a new form of distraction.