April Martin & Ruby T - Moving through Walls and Floors

With Efrén Arcoiris "A Wolf in the Breast" in the Milwaukee Ave. Window Gallery

Opening Friday, November 17th, 6-9PM
 Moving through Walls and Floors

  Work by April Martin & Ruby T.

With Efrén Arcoiris A Wolf in the Breast in the Milwaukee Ave. Window Gallery

At Roots & Culture 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Through December 16th

We have a flirtatious relationship with the rigidity of floorplans. We fuck around with the entrenched masculinity of blueprint-demarcated borders. We revel in the femme-y architectural accessories of blinds, curtains, and rugs as sites of intervention, movement, and penetration. Floor and window coverings shift into more permeable membranes, pointing to a greater capacity for passage and exchange in and out of a fixed structure.

Our flirtation is spreading into a simpering fantasy of collective spying, melting, and flipping out. We are fortune casting out of the window and into you.

-April & Ruby

Ruby T’s work is an experiment in translating fantasy to reality, and she is fueled by anger, desire, and magic. She investigates the stimulating, banal, and often infrastructural as sites of power and exchange: nightclubs, domestic appliances, broadcast news, sex.

April Martin is a sculptor from North Ontario. Her work embraces the scale of shared living, breathing, heating, melting. She explores stain, colour, porous boundaries and perpetual soaking through materials such as plaster, porcelain, fabric and metal.