Inge Hoonte

The Quotidian and the Imaginary: Video and Performance by Inge Hoonte

Roots & Culture

On Saturday, February 3, Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center will
be presenting
work by artist Inge Hoonte. A graduate of the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago now living in New York, Hoonte's work stretches
across various media to investigate initial attraction, attempts at
communication, and connection. In an elegantly poetic tone, Hoonte
creates scenarios in which mundanity allows for a grander epiphany.

Works presented include "Atomix, A Play for One Person," a short
performance written while participating in a "self-claimed residency"
at Atomix coffee shop on Chicago Avenue; "North and a Little Bit
East," in which Inge and collaborator Cam Forbes journey to St.
Wallburg in Saskatchewan, Canada in order to investigate the tradition
of one-room schoolhouses; and "Anything is Inside Everything," a
collection of vignettes in which Hoonte's focus settles on chances to
witness profundity within the quotidian. Narrative fragments,
thoughtful compositions and strange occurrences converge in a world
witnessed by Hoonte's patient and persistent eye.

The performance begins at 7:30, and the screening will follow.