Chris Sullivan

Zummertapez Video Mixtape screening

Roots & Culture

During the summer of 2007, Roots & Culture gallery is hosting a three-part video screening series titled Zummer Tapez. The goal for the screenings is to present work by a lineup of particularly interesting artists, and to provide these artists with a forum for a more social and entertaining artist talk.  Each installment of the series features a VHS mixtape created specifically for the screening. The artists have been invited to create one-hour tapes that showcase their influences and interests as well as examples of their own work. Each artist will introduce his tape and provide comments during thescreenings.

On June 30, Chicago animator Chris Sullivan will dig into his bag of tricks in order to show off a few gems from his favorite films, and will to be staging some theatrical performances in conjunction with his mixtape. Chris has been working on animations, films, and performances for over twenty years. His past films include Landscape With the Fall of Icarus and Master of Ceremonies, and his current project Consuming Spirits is nearing completion.