New acquisitions from the Video Data Bank

Roots & Culture

Founded in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank (VDB) is a leading resource in the United States for video by and about contemporary artists. A not-for-profit organization located at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the VDB Collections include the work of more than 550 artists and 6,000 video art titles, 2,500+ in active distribution. The VDB makes its Collections available to museums, galleries, educational institutions, libraries, cultural institutions and exhibitors through a national and international distribution service, and works to foster a deeper understanding of video art, and to broaden access and exposure to media art histories, through an extensive range of programs and activities.   

Program Lineup:
Pigs, Pawel Wojtasik, 2010, 7:48, U.S.
Shayne's RectangleDani Leventhal, 2011, 5:00, U.S.
Marina Abramovich, From Tuesday to FridayXimena Cuevas, 2010, 35:00, Mexico
Money, Videofreex 1970, 2:35, U.S [new preservation!]
OWS Newsreel No. 5, Jem Cohen 2011, 6:58, U.S.
Ceibas: Epilogue, The Well of Representation, Evan Meaney 2011, 7:33, U.S.
A Party Record Packed with Sex and Sadness, Bobby Abate 2011, 10:16, U.S.