DOUBLE EXPOSURE Screening: Gwyneth Anderson & Tommy Heffron

Sunday April 12th, 7 PM

Roots & Culture

Sometimes a friend asks you to walk backwards and covers you in fake blood. You say yes because you’re both interested in gestures and light/dark and biology and what we call “nature”. Tommy Heffron and Gwyneth Anderson met in school where they shared their work in the dark under the advice of animator Jim Trainor. Flash forward to now and we find them both with ever-shifting, creepy and funny, odd and profound bodies of work. Physically involved with the moving image, they both appear in their own work, sometimes just their arms, sometimes through text, and sometimes Gwyneth steps through her own videos into Tommy’s. Roots & Culture is excited to bring these collaborators, friends and singular artists together for a unique screening that includes Tommy’s rarely compiled series of recent short works, trailers for his two feature films (including one premiering this year) and Gwyneth’s explorative videos, animations and three accompanying live performances. Join us as we feel around in the dark in order to locate ourselves.

Total running time: 70 minutes.

Tommy Heffron is a filmmaker, performer and teacher from out West and down South but has laid his head in Chicago for the past 7 years. His individual and collaborative work has shown here, there and over there. Some folk have described his work as “Spooky, playful and soulful explorations of soullessness.” Others have said it’s “Messy, ugly, merciless and grim.” He’s currently developing his third feature film which further explores his preoccupation with the widening chasm between expression and understanding. He knows he still has much to learn from life if it would only let him finish what he started.

Gwyneth Anderson is a transdisciplinary artist and educator who mostly makes work about perception and correlation. Each project of hers is, fundamentally, an animation: slivers that form a whole. She has presented work in various official buildings and unofficial forests around the Northern Hemisphere; in Chicago, this includes the Experimental Sound Studio, Hyde Park Art Center, Roman Susan, and 6018 NORTH. She was recently an artist-in-residence at Utopiana in Switzerland, and will be part of an upcoming exhibition at the Bâtiment d'Art Contemporain in Geneva this summer. (

Programmed by Lori Felker