Fall 2016/Spring 2017
11/13Better Made Progress: Short Films by Amir George
10/9DOUBLE EXPOSURE SCREENING: Calum Walter & Nellie Kluz
Fall 2015/Spring 2016
5/15Screening: Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute Chicago's 2016 Oberhausen Program
4/10Roots & Culture 10th Anniversary Film & Video Screening Celebration!
12/6+PLAYLIST Screening: Jesse Malmed
11/22Screening: Carolina Gonzalez
10/25DOUBLE EXPOSURE Screening: LJ Frezza & Chris Collins
10/19+PLAYLIST Screening: Latham Zearfoss
9/27Dan Paz
Fall 2014/Spring 2015
5/10Nina Barnett
4/12DOUBLE EXPOSURE Screening: Gwyneth Anderson & Tommy Heffron
3/17New Acquisitions From The Video Data Bank
2/15DOUBLE EXPOSURE Screening: Lyra Hill & Daviel Shy
11/23Todd Mattei
11/9Hybrid Theory: Jennifer Chan & Theodore Darst
9/21+PLAYLIST Screening: Soheila Azadi
Fall 2013/Spring 2014
4/27Alexander Stewart
3/23Jessica Bardsley
1/19Fern Silva
Fall 2012/Spring 2013
3/31Thomas Comerford
3/24New Acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
Fall 2011/Spring 2012
6/24Jo Dery
6/10Will Goss
5/27Mary Helena Clark
4/22Deborah Stratman
3/11New acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
8/21Lilli Carré
Fall 2010/Spring 2011
7/17Lori Felker
7/3Paul Nudd
5/29George Monteleone
5/7Andy Roche
4/17Naomi Uman
3/27Eyeball Witness: Suitable Video Volume 2
2/13New acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
10/3Michael Lopez
9/16Extreme Animals
8/29Jesse McLean
Fall 2009/Spring 2010
7/25Jodie Mack
5/22Jo Dery
5/15Steve Reinke
3/13New acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
2/20Steven Summers
10/6Scott Wolniak
8/30Kent Lambert
Fall 2008/Spring 2009
7/28Stefan Gruber
5/23Ben Russell
4/18Lisa Barcy and Andy Cahill
3/21Figures of Speech
2/14New acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
11/22Chicago & The Universe, New work from Chicago in 2008
10/18Pizza Dog
9/12Thomas Comerford
8/30Jim Trainor
Fall 2007/Spring 2008
7/19Andy Roche
5/9Bill Stamets
4/12Melika Bass
3/15Michael Robinson
2/2Jared Larson
11/17Eric Patrick
10/13Confronting Paradise: New Work from CalArts
8/25Bill Brown
Fall 2006/Spring 2007
7/28Victor Cayro
6/30Chris Sullivan
4/15Xander Marro
2/3Inge Hoonte
12/9Andy Roche

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