Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center wants artists to have long lasting careers in Chicago that enrich the cultural landscape for all Chicagoans.

Our mission is to provide career-­strengthening opportunities for artists and curators and to engage and expand audiences in a welcoming exhibition space.

Two visual arts programs are the core of our programming: Double Exposure, which consists of exhibitions pairing two emerging and primarily Chicago-based artists; and CONNECT, which showcases curatorial projects from emerging curators from arts communities outside of Chicago, offering a three month residency and an exhibition to mount their projects. Our film & video program consists of three curated programs: a solo screening series of primarily Chicago-based, emerging and established film and video makers; Double Exposure, which follows the model of our flagship program by pairing emerging film and video makers; and +PLAYLIST which showcases video “mixtapes” that artists compile of their influences, their own work, and other whims of fancy. Our Yr It! program, visible in our windows along Milwaukee Ave., is an experiment in sequential curation, for which the current exhibiting artist “tags” or curates the following month’s artist.

Roots & Culture Staff:
Eric May, Executive Director
Christina Warzecha, Gallery Manager
Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Webmaster

Roots & Culture Board of Directors:
William Padnos, Chair
Lorelei Stewart, Treasurer
Scott Hunter, Secretary
Todd Harding
George Liebert
Risa Puleo

Programming and general operating costs are partially funded by The Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation.

Roots & Culture thrives on the generous support of its community. Please actively participate today and ensure that the nurturing of emerging art in Chicago can prosper at Roots & Culture. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, as are contributions of volunteered time and material donations. Please contact us if you wish to support our mission—Roots & Culture is a community based program that needs the help of its citizens. Thank you!