Spring Gala Online Auction

Auction is live online from 1:00pm on April 15th to 5:00pm on April 28th
Proxy bidding will be available the night of the fundraiser; please send an email to: rootsandc@gmail.com
Auction procedure and information

Tony Tasset
"Cutie, Horny, Unicorny" , 2017, Graphite on paper 12" X 9.5" framed

Jessica Labatte
Buds, 2014, 20" X 25"

Erin Washington
Oblique Strategies (A Year with Swollen Appendices), 2017, Graphite and hi-polymer film lead on paper

Doug Huston and Professor Muskrat
Cherish, 2016, Livingroom press photography, Archival inkjet on paper. 19.5” X 27.5”

Amanda Ross-Ho
Untitled Black Light Poster (Eternal Flame), 2016, Flocking and silkscreen on poster board 30.25" X 22.25" framed

Edra Soto
OPEN 24 HOURS, 2017, Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Patron, Jose Cuervo, D’Ussé, Budweiser, Miller, Bud Ice, Paul Masson

Carmen Price
Wall Hoppers, 2015, Gouache on paper 14" X 20"

Emma Robbins
Quillz II (NON-POINTY), 2016, Blue Bird Flour bag, porcupine quills 15" X 7 3/4"

Yvette Mayorga
Nasty Womxn, 2016- 2017, Piping on silver plated tray

Tegan Brace
Pieces of Peace Signs , 2016, Emboss on Paper 18" X 24"

Mike Andrews
Untitled, 2017, Unique digital print 13

George J Liebert
Lagoon Again, 2012, Acrylic on panel 15” X 18”

Allen Moore
Carbon Monitor 70 Speakers, 2016, Graphite Casting/Acrylic and Enamel Paint on Canvas 18" X 24"

Victoria Martinez
Writer’s block, Lovers block, 2016, Screen print and paint 13" X 13”

William J. O'Brien
, 2008, Colored pencil on paper 17

Ron Ewert
Reef, 2017, Gesso on canvas 18" X 24"

Brian Rush
Untitled, 2016, Screen Print #18 of 20 10.5" X 13.75"

Ryan Richey
Misfit, 2016, Oil on panel

Mike Rea
Mac-Knife, 2017, Wood, variable

Michael Kloss
Pepe's Girlfriend, 2016, Plaster

Michael Milano
petit bagage, 2017, Indigo-dyed canvas and stretcher bars 22" X 14"

Jesse Malmed
Auction Painting (Roots), 2017, Gouache, water color, pencil, crayon, coffee, beer, whiskey, bitters, ash, dirt, glue on canvas 11" X 14"

David Leggett
Tom’s big vote, 2016, Acrylic, wiggle eyes, and felt on canvas 8” X 10”

Richard Hull
RC, 2017, Glitter, crayon on paper

Ryan Travis Christian
Not Even God Can Stop Me Now, 2015, Graphite on paper 8.5" X 11"

Rami George
Untitled (cock, jeans, spray paint), ramigeorge.net, Archival pigment print, spray paint 8” X 10” framed

Dutes Miller
offering, 2016, Plaster, sumi ink, black silicon, paper mache , found objects 13" X 12" X 6"

Celeste Rapone
Decoy, 2013, Oil on Canvas 16” X 22”

Hope Esser
if LQQKS could kill, 2017, Paparazzi flash-proof 3M reflective fabric (custom size t-shirt or t-shirt dress)

Allison Reimus
Vessel, 2013, Acrylic, spray paint, glitter on paper 11.5" X 15"

Ali Aschman
Good Woman , 2016, Graphite on hand-cut paper 16" X 20"

Magalie Guérin
Small Copy Drawing 46 (hat-brain), 2016, Ink on paper 11" X 8.5"

Jeanine Coupe Ryding
Woodpecker , 2012, Photo-etching, watercolor 29

Ryan Fenchel
The Adept's Analogy , 2017, Oil, pencil & acrylic on canvas 24" X 18"

Kelly Reaves
Untitled , 2016, Ink on paper 12" X 9"

Geoffrey Todd Smith
From the Shadow Of a Snowflake, 2012, Gouache on panel 8" X 8"

Em Kettner
My Son, My son , 2017, Glazed ceramic 2.5”x2”x1” & 1.5”x2.5”x1”

Anais Daly
Transitional Objekt or Bathroom Key #7 (out of 50) , 2016, Mixed media (shoe sole, electronics, plaster, enamel, paint, rope, glues and linen) 37" X 9" X 8"

Mel Cook
Arrangement V , 2016, Acrylic on paper 11" X 14"

Alberto Aguilar
Post Museum Void 4, , Inkjet print and vinyl on canvas 16” X 20”

Liz McCarthy
The Pen Documents 2 , , Photographic pigment print 16" X 20"

Alejandro Jimenez Flores
Lighter now , 2017, Soft Pastel and Acrylic Gouache on paper 14" X 22"

Billy James Joyce
H.I #10, , Acrylic on Muslin 16

Alex Bradley Cohen
Kirsten Donovan , 2016, Colored pencil on paper 14

Park McArthur
RAMP ACCESS LOCATED AT ESSEX STREET, 2014, Aluminum sign 18" X 12"

Oli Watt
Mismatch, 2017, Carved walnut and carved pine with wood stain/ 18" X 12"

Online/Proxy Bidding Procedures:

Enter your bid amount in round increments of $20 along with your e-mail address. E-mail will be sent to your e-mail address requesting that you confirm your bid. You must click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your bid; otherwise the bid will not be registered.

Online bidding will end at 5 PM CDT on April 28th, 2017. For each item that receives bid(s) online, the high bid from the website will become the opening bid at our Spring Gala which occurs on April 29th, 2017. Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center (Roots & Culture) reserves the right to reject bids that are less than the stated opening bid. If you wish, a member of our staff can continue to counter the bids of other bidders at the Gala for you (Proxy Bidding), up to a limit that you set. If you are interested in Proxy Bidding, please contact us at rootsandc@gmail.com before 12 PM on April 29th. Please indicate in your email the maximum amount you are prepared to bid. Although we can’t guarantee that our Proxy Bidders will get in the last bid when a section of the auction closes, we will make our best effort to do so. The last section of the auction at the Gala will close by approx. 10:00 PM CDT. You will be contacted on May 1st if you are the high bidder on any items.

Conditions of Sale: All items are sold as is; all sales are final and non-refundable. Roots & Culture makes no warranties and/or representations of any nature, expressed or implied. Ownership to the item will pass to the highest bidder upon full payment of their bid. Determination of the highest bidder is entirely at Roots & Culture’s discretion.

Payment and Collection of Items: Roots & Culture accepts checks, mailed to Roots & Culture 1034 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60642, or credit card payments via PayPal address rootsandc@gmail.com. If full payment has not been received within 60 days of May 1, 2017, Roots & Culture may, at its discretion, regard the sale as void, and the disposition of the item will be at Roots & Culture’s sole discretion. After payment, purchasers must make arrangements with the gallery to pick up items at Roots & Culture, 1034 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL, or for shipping at the buyer’s expense. Please contact the gallery at rootsandc@gmail.com to make arrangements. Roots & Culture assumes no risk of loss of the item and/or damage to the item after the item is picked up by the purchaser or the purchaser’s shipper. Neither is Roots & Culture responsible for any purchases that have not been picked up by the purchaser or the purchaser’s shipper within 90 days of the auction and Roots & Culture may, at its discretion, charge the purchaser for storage after 90 days without accepting responsibility for the item.

Artists and donors will be notified of the name & address of the purchaser of works they donated. If you would like more information about an artist whose work is in the auction, please email Roots & Culture office at rootsandc@gmail.com.